National Hobo Convention

Hobo Convention Royalty

Grand Head Pipe Charles Noe came to Britt in 1900 as the representative of the Tourist Union 63. He was the spokesman, the decision maker for the group of nomadic laborers. He said "yes" to the Britt businessmen's invitation and brought the hobo convention to Britt that year.

There have been many decisions made by hobo leaders ince, but the hobo king's authority is limited to say the least. The king is the hobo public image. For a year, as he travels the country, he will seek out newspaper offices, hospitals or railroad gatherings in search of publicity for the hobo culture.

Kings and queens often make pledges during their campaign speech on the convention stage that they fulfill during their term.

Steamtrain vowed to visit VA hospitals and retirement homes. He did that all across the USA. Minneapolis Jewel promised to plant shade trees in Municipal Park during one very hot convention. She did.

Blue Moon asked the crowd to strive for peace among all God's creatures and her works over the following months reflected that goal.

Over the years, a royal head or two have been bonked by skillets, shovels and walking sticks as candidates and want-to-be candidates argue "hobo politics". It's a legend, this on-going disgruntlement, as one of the brothers becomes the king and the man in the spot light.

Hobo Benson, during the 1940-50's and Pennsylvania Kid, of the 1960-70's, were often in a kingly brawl. El Paso Kid left the 1991 convention during a feud and has never returned.

Even as recently as the convention of 1993, tow factions pitted against each other in a kingship battle. It seems that the royal battles are a true part of the conventions tradition.

It's politics, hobo style, where elections are won by applause and showmanship is more important than knowmanship when it comes to winning a hobo election.

Hobo Kings and Queens

1900Charles Noe 
1933-35Hairbreadth Harry 
1936Scoop Shovel Scotty 
1937King David II 
1940-45Hobo Ben Benson 
1946Skeet SimmonsPolly Ellen Pep
1947Hiway Johnny WeaverPolly Ellen Pep
1948Hobo Ben BensonPolly Ellen Pep
1949Cannonball EddieBox Car Myrtle
1950Hobo Ben BensonBox Car Myrtle
1951Cannonball EddieSylvia Davis
1952Scoop Shovel ScottySylvia Davis
1953Hobo Ben BensonSylvia Davis
1954Scoop Shovel ScottyBox Car Betty Link
1955Scoop Shovel ScottyBox Car Betty Link
1956Hobo Ben Benson 
1957Scoop Shovel Scotty 
1958Arizona BillBox Car Betty Link
1959Scoop Shovel ScottyBox Car Betty Link
1960King David I 
1961King David I 
1962Scoop Shovel Scotty 
1963Pennsylvania Kid Wilson 
1964Beef Steak Charlie 
1965Hardrock Kid 
1966Pennsylvania Kid  
1967Hardrock Kid 
1968Pennsylvania Kid  
1969Slow Motion ShortyBox Car Myrtle
1970Hardrock KidLonglooker Mic
1971Pennsylvania Kid Longlooker Mic
1972Hardrock KidLonglooker Mic
1973Steamtrain MauryLonglooker Mic
1974Slow Motion ShortyLonglooker Mic
1975Hardrock KidAdventurer Jan
1976Steamtrain MauryLuAnn Uhden
1977Sparky SmithLonglooker Mic
1978Steamtrain MauryLonglooker Mic
1979Steamtrain MauryLonglooker Mic
1980Sparky SmithCinderbox Cindy
1981Steamtrain MauryHobo Lump
1982Hobo Bill MainerLonglooker Mic
1983Mountain DewHobo Lump
1984Fry Pan JackSlo Freight Ben
1985Frisco JackLonglooker Mic
1986Ramblin' RudyMinneapolis Jewel
1987Alabama HoboHobo Lump
1989El Paso KidSlo Freight Ben
1990Songbird McCueGypsy Moon
1991Ohio NedMinneapolis Jewel
1992Roadhog, USAConnecticut Shorty
1993Iowa BlackieBlue Moon
1994Sidedoor Pullman KidNew York Maggie
1995Luther the Jet GetteCinderbox Cindy
1996Liberty JusticeCome On Pat
1997FrogMinneapolis Jewel
1998New York SlimCinders
1999Preacher SteveSlo Freight Ben
2000Bo GrumpM.A.D. Mary
2001Grandpa DudleyDerail
2002Redbird ExpressNightingale
2003 Hobo SpikeMama Jo
2005Iron Horse BradHalf Track
2006Iowegian RickMs. Charlotte

Connecticut Tootsie

2009InkmanStray Cat
2010DanteDouble B
2011Uncle FreddieMinneapolis Jewel
2012Minnesota JimAngel



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